Character Attributes for Success (Part 4)

Resolute, Sense of Humor, & Discplined

Is there anything better than a hot, gooey Marshmallow?  These white, puffy treats of goodness must come straight from Heaven.  Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they are totally AWESOME!  

A Stanford professor, Walter Mischel, performed a simple test back in the 60’s using these delectable goodies.  He gave pre-school children a Marshmallow and then told them he had to leave the room for a few minutes.  Before leaving he explained they had a choice.  They could eat the Marshmallow immediately or wait for him to return.  If they waited, he promised to give them an additional Marshmallow.  Some kids ate it.  Some kids waited.

Here’s the cool part.  Mischel tracked the children as they grew up.  This is how he discovered something amazing.

Time and time again, the children who waited grew up to:  get better grades, get better jobs, live healthier, have more career success, stay in relationships, and overall be better at life.  This small test of delayed gratification proved to be a big indicator for future success.  

This week’s 3 character attributes for success are listed below.  DISCIPLINED corresponds to delayed gratification.  If you build self-control you will build character, build trust, and build influence with others.  Where do you need more discipline?

10) Resolute – Finish Strong

When you are confident enough to make a decision, you have to be courageous enough to see it through…

– Deondriea Cantrice

11) Sense of Humor – Laugh daily, and never take yourself too serious

It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time.  Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.

– Wayne Dyer

12) Disciplined – Self-control even when it gets hard

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

– Jim Rohn

 Application Questions  

  • What is one project you started that you need to finish?
  • When is the last time you laughed until you cried?  
  • What are 2 areas of your life where you need better self-control?

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