27 Attributes of Personal Character

True Success Is Measured By More Than Money, Fame, and Power

Have you ever heard someone say, “It was like drinking from a fire hose.”  This phrase refers to the force, and often the depth, behind a concept being presented.  

Imagine literally trying to drink water from a fire hose.  It would be more than overwhelming.  It would be impossible.  The speed and force would simply make the water undrinkable.  

The same is true for a big idea.  It can be overwhelming.  It can be hard to comprehend, let alone apply.  This fact is especially true if the idea is presented too quickly or without a backstory.  To really understand a big idea, you need to hear it more than once.  You need to hear it over and over and over.  You need to see the whole idea in order to grasp it’s full impact.  

This is exactly how I feel about:  

27 Attributes of Personal Character

I believe you can improve your character.  You can be a better person in 2016 than you were in 2015.  Being better in 2016 is more than losing weight or getting out of debt.  It is about intentionally shaping your personal character through your daily choices.  This is how you can become the person you were designed to be.  

If you are like most people.  This sounds good, but seems, well… overwhelming.  (Kinda like a fire hose)  Where do I start?  How do you know if I am on the right path?  

This is how.  Here’s the path.  

27 Attributes of Personal Character

1)     Integrity

2)     Grateful

3)     Truth

4)     Positive

5)     Attentive

6)     Centered

7)     Sincere

8)     Servant

9)     Perseverant

10)     Resolute

11)     Sense of Humor

12)     Disciplined

13)     Generous

14)     Wisdom

15)     Passionate

16)     Organized

17)     Loyal

18)     Humble

19)     Forgiving

20)     Love

21)     Professional

22)     Honest

23)     Respectful

24)     Authoritative

25)     Justice

26)     Curious

27)     Courageous 

For year’s, I have been seeking and studying specific attributes that influence character.  

I have been looking for the right collection of traits that cultivate personal character.  Here is my list.  I can’t go so far as to say that this is an exhaustive list.  There may be others to be discovered, but these work.  They work together to cultivate, strengthen, and grow character.  

Over the next 9 weeks I will explain each of the 27 attributes.  Instead of turning on the hose, I will pick three traits and explain them in my routine Wednesday blog post.  I will clearly define the trait, describe it’s affect on your character, and most importantly, show how you can apply it in your daily routine.

As a side note, please share these posts with anyone you think would enjoy the content.  My goal is to motivate business leaders to be better in 2016.  The more the better!